rude and brainless people

Okay..i’m currently soooo pissed right now..just came back from work and friggin damn tired..okay what i wanted to say is that i just could’t imagine how stupid people can be..this happened to me during my working hours just now let say around 3-4 p.m…i know working in retail world you have to endure the stupidity of customers and their so called buying power..just because you bought RM60++ pants…you can yelled at people..hello!!! where the hell is your brain…okay i was cutting my customer’s pants for alteration at that i was working alone from 10 a.m in my selling area and it was one hell of a busy day since I have to manage everything alone by staff was on leave and others were sent outstation..imagine i have to entertain all the customers by myself, received new the alteration alone..

Well while i was altering my customer’s pants..suddenly this one fella (a customer) come to me and ask…are you doing the alteration here since he saw me cutting my customer’s pants..then of course i would answer “yes” coz i thought he wanted to do the alteration for one of my pants..but insted he yelled at me “I left my pants for about an hour and it’s still undone, what kind of work are you doing??!!” whattttt a super idiot customer..he bought the pants from D’URBAN counter and left it at their promoters..then he came yelling at me..stupid!!! I said I dont know anything of that then one of my promoter went and look for the promoter..and how unlucky since the D’URBAN promoter wasn’t the customer asked who is selling floor supervisor? The answer was me coz I was in charge at that moment..then he said ” Ko nie bodoh eh? Ko tak monitor ko punyer staff…tak efisyen langsung..aku tgk ko punyer staff semua tak wat keja..relek jer” What laaaa!!! Idiot..each promoter have their own if they don’t have customer, so they would do their report or just stayed at their counter coz the rule is you cant touch other counter unless you are asked by the promoter’s counter coz it may cost loss for the particular counter…is he a super idiot or what!!??? Its written on each counter what counter it I was handling my department and I cant leave it without monitor…Iiiidiot!!! You asked the D’URBAN promoter then you come yelling at he yelled at me in front of other customer..Idiot! Such a rude person..He kept yelling at me until one of my promoter who is kind enough to alter that stupid customer’s pants till finished..Oh yeah..he vent his anger towards me just cause he cant find the promoter to yelled at..what laaaaaa..and he was yelling at me in front of my customer who was waiting for his pants to be altered since I give way to the promoter to alter the stupid customer’s pants first..then my customer asked nicely.. “Eh..I punya seluar tak siap lagie?” Then that stupid customer told my customer “See how inefficient she is..she couldn’t finish your pants too!!!” Wey..that customer didn’t know I only took 10 minutes to do my customer’s alteration..and the only thing that kept my customer waiting is his so called sooo expensive pants!!!!! Sheesh I have to make my customer wait because of his one lousy pants…Even my customer felt sorry for me..sheeshhh what a total moron he is…IDIOT!!! No wonder Malaysian are among the top rude among the most dirtiest people..It’s correct..Coz I’ve met a lot of foreigners and they were sooo nice…and what surprises me are they were very to our people..I’m so disappointed..Oh yeah and in the end most of my promoters were scared of me the whole day coz they thought they were going to get warning letter from me which means their resignation letter..hahah…Pitty them..But I was soooo pissed at that customer..he was very rude! Calling people with names..well I think he’s just another stupid people who thinks money can buy everything and thinks I was hired using my SPM..Hellooo!!! to get my position it requires my degree! What a rude person!


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  1. Posted by taylineo on November 28, 2007 at 11:13 am

    Sabar la Izzah. Some of the customers think so highly of themselves that they are better then everybody else. SCREW them!!! But what to do…you are in this line of work and you have to tolerate all types of people. But that bastard was really RUDE!! I can imagine how he was scolding you. IDIOT! Takpela Izzah….nnt dia dpt balasannya gak. Maybe dia tgh geram coz dia kena marah kat ofis so dia lepaskan la geram dia kat ko. Cian anakanda…hehe…..


  2. Posted by Ms Low on May 26, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Hello..gals….hows life?


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