Waroeng Penyet

Waroeng Penyet…mesti korang tertanya-tanya…Waroeng Penyet tue aper? Well….korang jgn tersilap…aku x tersilap eja warung tue…memang ejaan dia camtue. Waroeng Penyet ni sebuah restoran fast-food Indonesia. It’s located in The Curve. Makanan dia not bad gak…quite fast cam fast-food and best part is…dia letak video muzik karaoke band-band indonesia! Apa lagi….menyanyi la!! 🙂

How did I get to know this place? Well, semalam my family, me and KC actuallynyer nak g shopping kat Sogo coz adik aku tue nak beli baju raya. But…malangnya, jalan ke Sogo semuanya tutup. Ntah apsal ntah….polis belambak lak tue….kot-kot ada demonstrasi lagi kot. Neway, so da jalan tutup camne nak g kan….kitorg pon beralih arah ke Damansara. G kat Ikea, Ikano and The Curve. 1stly beli la barang-barang skit kat Ikea, then jalan-jalan kat the Curve and in the end cari tempat makan. At first adik aku yang “HIGH CLASS” tue kata nak makan sedap (sedap in the sense “mahal” la). In the end, all other places didn’t catch our eye and Waroeng Penyet ni cam comel lak nama nya…and that was what attracted us. At that time, ramai gak orang so…cam we were curious…apa yang best sangat smpi ramai orang ni. When we got near, cam sedap lak menu dia. Apa lagi…mulalah order mengorder.


Kalau korang pergi, aku syorkan korang mesti amik Ayam Penyet and Ikan Bakar dia. Ayam penyet dia la yang special kat situ. Memang sedap la diorang goreng…ada perencah special kot.


My Parents enjoyed the food

Penyet cam ayam tue gak!

Kalau korang berminat, lawatilah website diorang di http://www.waroengpenyet.com and lawatilah restoran mereka di The Curve. Chewah….free promotion ni untuk Waroeng Penyet ni.

The word “Waroeng” means a traditional hut in Indonesia that serve ranges choices of traditional authentic food with a reasonable price (unlike fine dining restaurants). The word “Penyet” means “Flattened” as most of the main dishes are being flattened. But this is just a Javanese-style of making the food unique as compared with other dishes. It does not affect in terms of taste or quality.

Waroeng Penyet was opened by 4 Indonesians who have been living in Singapore for a few years and longing to serve a real traditional Javanese food to the locals as well as to Indonesians who reside here. Due to good response and demand from customers, Waroeng Penyet has opened its 2nd branch in Blk 134 Jurong East St 13 (Jurong Cafe food court) in order to cater to the residents around there.

Within few weeks after opening, few media have come and did a publicity due to the good response from customers and also the good taste of several signature HALAL dishes like Ayam Penyet (the original one), Empal Penyet, Ayam Bakar, Siomay Bandung (Fish Dumplings w/ Peanut Sauce), Chicken Satay and Chicken Soto. On top of all that, the factors that make Waroeng Penyet different than the other restaurants that serve similar dishes are the belachan chilli (sambal terasi) as we serve spicy and mild version. This chilli is freshly made every morning in a very traditional way by our Yogyakarta-originated head chef. As for the drinks, our specialty drinks are Avocado Juice, Ice Cendol, Happy Soda and Teh Botol. All the dishes are priced reasonably to cater all markets here.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kekasih gelap on January 15, 2008 at 10:05 am

    nak IAN penyet satu!


  2. Ian tu not on the MENU. Tapi ada special request… mungkin we can work something out.. but.. its definitely going to cost a lot…


  3. Posted by kekasih gelap on January 18, 2008 at 1:15 pm

    xkesah la mahal. asalkan ada.


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