Happy Tuesday people… =)

Today is just Tuesday and i feel really bored now kat tpt keje…oleh itu, dah xtaw nak wat ape then aku browse thru la blog ini.sme blog aku baca and finally this is my 1st entry after being nag by tay hundred of times of not writing anything in here. so here it goes.

I have finally secure myself a job in PERSIARAN TROPICANA (heard of it before??me-NEVER!!!) and kinda like it here.The environment is great, people here works like in one big happy family. Sometimes time lunch sume turun together-together to the kafe in next tower. Siap CEO die pun join skali trn satu lift dgn kiteorg. And sempoi je borak dgn kiteorg as if he is just another ordinary staff. I respect him for that! He is so cool that he can just sit down with us have couple of drinks with all of the staff and talks like he is not in the highest position in the company!Can u imagine that???macam membe je dgn bos…nways, time wat keje pun ok cuz they are having like a learning environment. Sume study together2 let say sorg ada mslh, d other one will help and so forth.

But today is such a boring day because aku dh xde keje nak diwat!I’ve done my job and it was like finish yesterday and now im left with reading so many stuffs about what they are actually focusing here. Most of people here dah mula cuti for cny including my project manager whom i should be reporting to…so im left with let me say aroun 9 people in d office.dats y its really freaking cold here..cuz xramai org..huhu office pun sunyi sepi and sume dok depan laptop masing2 layan ape yg patut.Since its the beginning of the year, project pun kureng so byk maintenance and touch up pojek yang ada..huhu so what i did since after my lunch break, i browse so many sites and of coz drop by in this blog..ehe mula2 jadi pemerhati bebas then now terasa nak drop few lines..hikhik dah xde keje katakan…oh ya in this company there are 40 people altogether and malays is like only 4 out of 40 people…can u imagine that???but yet, its fun working with people here!dahla sme ckp cina…cam tgk cita cina kat tb2 tuh je..huhu

em, whut else shud i mumble about???…otak dah kering and beku cuz of the aircond..so i guess i take a walk outside..xtahan dah…before i really go wanna wish specially tay (since die sorg je celbrate)


…eheh maknanya aku nak angpau yer tay!time kaseh.. ehehe =)

kepada yang dah pencen keje…nikmatila kehidupan makan tydo anda cuz anda akan windukannya di minggu hadapan! =P jgn lupe balek sudah..nak dating tgk cite DUNIA BARU!!!!oyeah.. =p

Have Fun People in whatever You are doing!!! =)


-AtyQaH aLi-


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kek_cawan on February 5, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    sedar pon kena bebel byk yer. heheh.. kalo xdpt keje lg next week leh sambung tdo lagi di bukit jalil. jgn jeles dak cepet!

    >:komen khasdari presario baru ku =p :<


  2. hohohoho
    atyq pon activeejugak k…
    manjang kalo singgah sini msti nmpk post tay,fyza,kak cik…
    hehehhe keep it up guys!!


  3. Posted by taylineo on February 6, 2008 at 1:40 am

    YEAH!!!! Akhirnya cik Tiki kita telah post!!! I’m so heppi!!!!!! 🙂

    TQ TQ for the wish. Nnt aku ada wat open house tp x sure biler lagi tapi korang dijemput dtg je bebila I think except Saturday and Sunday coz aku nak g Segamat and Melaka.

    Neway Tiki, I’m glad that you are enjoying urself in your new company. I hope you enjoying the work too. It’s great to have a boss that can sit himself with his staff bukan cam yang EX office nyer……

    So….lastly….blog la selalu……hehehe


  4. Posted by CupCake on February 6, 2008 at 9:27 am

    oyeah!mane da active illy, baru 1st post yg slalu nye menyebok je kat post org laen.ehe =p nways, yerpies leh tydo bukit jalil p bukan penduduk bilek tuh sorg dah nak pindah bangi ke??? so tydo dgn aemon2 skalian la kek cawan???
    klo aku nak dtg nanti aku msg ko tay!aku nak makan mcm2..ehe =p

    >:komen reply khas dari Ienovo @ opis nyer! :<


  5. Posted by taylineo on February 6, 2008 at 11:02 am

    x sure lagi pindah bangi ke x. xde member siot. korang semua xde. aku ingat nak maintain lagi bkt jalil tue but will alternating from nilai and kl la. neway….pape pon x sure lagi.


  6. Posted by kek_cawan on February 6, 2008 at 11:54 am

    umah tay xde benda mcm2. ada limau ngn air gas je. aemon2 sedia menemani auntie tiki tdo. jgn malu2 dtg ke bkt jalil.

    >: tiq2!! jom kita msk kelas Flash Tay kat ftsm =) :<


  7. Posted by CupCake on February 6, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    oyeah???uuwaa nak makanan yummy!lapo nieh..nways jom2 satu ari amek mc g ftsm ukm..windu nak balek ukm!!!huhu pastuh alfariz mari!!!hikhik =p


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