Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi – Mulan Jameela

Hello everyone,

Arini aku sangat free kat ofis. Everything going so slowly, besides makcik not around. Everybody miss her so much. So, i can write sumthing at this blog. Have u heard singer named Mulan? For your information, Mulan is one of important person in Ratu, setelah dia menggoda laki partner dia Maia (Ahmad Dhani- Dewa), this popular group berpecah dan membawa haluan masing2 and they came out with new style which is Mulan became with name Mulan Jameela and Maia with band Maia and friends. Now they are seems like compete with each other, i have looked at both songs. For me, Mulan is the best. She can stand by her own. Maia is good but she’s like missing the chemistry in her songs.

Nowdays, this is popular songs in Indonesia and selalu berkumandang gak kat radio2 tempatan, die punya tajuk jer dah tunjuk cam panas, this songs catchy and i like they puts some dangdut elements. 1st time aku dgr, laju2 aku n ery cari lagu nih, yeah mari bergelek2 bersama Mulan Jameela.

To download songs from Mulan Jameela, just right click on the name of the song.


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  1. i feel bad for maia 😩


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