today started asual except i’m having a very bad head ache plus i’m having fever and flu..sighhh..and i have discussion to finish off as this Friday i’m having presentation on Educational Action Reasearch..and the best part is..the hell with this course!! I dont even have a clue how to do it!! it sucks..and its very hard as JAVA class. u guys remember right except the lectures are good..but’s hard to understand as I have to learn the problems of studying and come up with a research on it..oh god! now i know..being a teacher is not friggin damn hard plus the pay is quite low and there’s emotional burden too..heheh..but I’ll endure it as this is my choice..I’m going to be one spanking hot and funky teacher!! yes that is my determination and my motivation..hahahah..anyhow bebear also warned me not to be one of those 25hb teachers (those teachers yg makan gaji buta) hehe..and u know i come from a long line of educators I can’t afford to fool around..I have to be a spanking hot and funky teacher..hehehehe

Anyhow..before I stepped out of my house to USM for my group discussion, I went to check the post box..and there is a letter URUSAN SERI PADUKA BAGINDA with a stamp from the SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia), I’ve been called for assesment in INTAN Sungai Petani for the post of Pegawai Tadbir dan seems that I’ve passed the exam I sat in February..ahahah..still can’t believe it..cause it was quite hard..but the problem is..I dont think I can go any further if I were to pass the assessment (that is if I can pass the assessment as it is very hard) as I’ve already been tied down by KPM’s (Ministry of Education) contract..huhuuhuhu..such a waste..whyy didn’t it come before the DPLI?? wuwuwuwu..It’s like sooooo rugii..I wanted it sooo much..huuhuhu..sighhh..anyhow, my mum told me just to go ahead..give it a try and see what I don’t know whether I’ll go for the assessment or now I’m in a state where I’m confused..huhuhu


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  1. Posted by taylineo on April 21, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    Aku syorkan ko pergi untuk assessment tue. Whether or not ko pass ke x pass. Tue later later crita la.

    My adik pon pass gak yg PTD test. Xtau lak kena pi assessment lagi. Tapi yang aku tau, klu ko pass assessment tue so ko kena masuk INTAN kan. Masa kat INTAN tue member aku kata sgt susah tapi ko akan dpt byk sgt pengalaman.


  2. Posted by nurulizzy on April 21, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    heheheh..masalahnyaaa..intan tue 6 month tay!! kalau akue pass pun assessment going to be impossible for me to go as i’m stuck with my studies tillthis october..unless yg masuk intan tue on nov..huhuh..akue tak tauu tp nak pie assessment tue pun akue dah gerun..mesti ramai gila org terer2..akue kan slalue bermasalah bila nak kna berdepan ngan ramai2 org..takuttt takuttt..


  3. Posted by taylineo on April 22, 2008 at 8:19 am

    cuba ko try call and tanya kementerian pendidikan samada klu ko pi assessment and pass then camne.


  4. a’ah tanya mcm tay ckp tuh dlu cik izzy.


  5. Posted by baldibiru on May 6, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    arghh nyesalnya aku tak pi ujian tuh…! ntah2 aku pun dapat kot. eheheheh


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