What’s Wrong With This Scenario?

Ok, so..i don’t know where to start..but I’m a bit frustrated today..but I just don’t know where to start..but here goes the blabbing..Ok just now I have this tutorial class on Kaedah mengajar or Teaching Methods..and we have to present like for 40 minutes in front of the whole class..this is a class where you’ll act like a real teacher and your classmates will act like their your students (this course is actually similar to Micro Teaching)..and we are required to choose a subject to be taught for 40 minutes equal to 1 masa pengajaran in class..then I suggested to my partner we do ICT subject since we are going to be ICT teachers and suddenly two of my classmates menyampuk and told us “Oh, then U guys have to teach in English since It’s the silibus”..then I said..No problem..then my partner gave excuses and said she’s not familiar with it..and suggested teaching Math or Science but those two are in English too..and I heard from my other classmates that they’re not teaching those subjects just cause it has to teach in english..I was totally bummed! And lastly I have to satisfied with teaching Kemahiran Hidup subject..duhhh..What the..whyyyy whyyyy are they so narrow minded..come on..lastly when u go to school..u have i mean u MUST teach in English..urghh I’m so frustrated..is it that hard to teach in English or is it that hard for any of u to have conversation in English..when it comes down to this what’ll I get is that..Ohhh..takpalah you’re good in English..hang terer boleh lah..what kind of thinking is that?? Is this what the teaching world is like nowadays??..I’m totally frustrated..then if i go and teach in english or speak in english i’ll get like..oh she’s so belagak..oh come on! what’s wrong with this scenario??

No wonder people are complaining ’bout the teacher’s quality..and this is only what I see in my class..DPLI class which are consist of experienced degree workers who wanted to escape the clutch of tiring workloads..I mean..If u’re experienced..then u must be able to speak english..plus..if you applied for this course..then you must take up the challenge of being a teacher..being a teacher means you have to teach and give new knowledge to your students..bringing them up to be a better person and being a teacher also means that you are learning new things and knowledge too..a teacher is a role model..sheeshhh….I’m totally frustrated..the thing is that I found that they’re too shy cause the might get it wrong..but come on lah..we learn and improve from our mistakes right?? And guess what?? In my class..we have like 30+ TESOL students (more likely English teachers) and guess what ?? There are some of them who r not that good in English..If you’re going to be an English teacher, then you have to master that language right?? I’m not saying that I’m very good in this but I tried my best..I learn..few years ago..I’m not this good in English..I don’t even dare to speak up coz I’m scared that I’ll be a laughing stock..but I took up the initiative to learn..and I’m getting better day by day..Its not that hard..what’s hard is to have the will..When there’s a will there is always a way or in Malay Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih..right??


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  1. Posted by taylineo on May 24, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Well Izzah…what to do…kat Malaysia sekarang ni we face this problem. That’s why the standard of our English language is declining….because these type of people xnak cuba dan xnak praktis…cmne nak jadi bagus. Sabar la Izzah…..if you can influence them to do otherwise, do la tapi klu diorg xnak…xleh jugak nak paksa….


  2. Posted by nurulizzy on May 25, 2008 at 2:18 am

    ceh..everytime ada kes camnie akue rasa cam nak hantuk kepala kat dinding..rasa restricted gila presentation akue..akue kuciwa


  3. Posted by CupCake on May 28, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    enuff said, MELAYU HARI INI…typical malays who dont wanna improve!!!

    lebih suka berada pada takuk yang lama dari berubah kepada sesuatu yang boleh dibanggakan.

    and because of that other races look down on malays… wink wink.. =)

    peas: what left me wondering was, bukan korang study ICT ke p ape kejadahnye present pasai khb?eheh


  4. Posted by nurulizzy on May 28, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    haaa itulah paseinya..tak pasei2 akue cam merangkak ms present..kalau bg ict gerenti awesome punyalah..huhhuhuh…anyhow..what to do..have to make do of the situasion..no choice..


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