Who’s gonna win American Idol Season 7???

Hey peepz! Da lama aku x memblog. Busy la these pass 2 weeks. At least sekarang ada la masa untuk duduk mengadap pc lama skit.

Neway, as in the title above….I watched the finals of Americal Idol Season 7 tadi kat umah pakcik aku. The finals was between two Davids; David Archuleta and David Cook. Both are different, Archuleta with his pop, RnB style and Cook with his rocker voice. They each sang 3 songs and personally I felt Archuleta performed better than Cook. My prediction is the younger David, Archuleta will be crowned the winner of American Idol 7!!! Bila dia nyanyi tadi, bulu roma pon naik. Persembahan David Cook bukannya x best…best gak tapi x sebest David Archuleta. This is my personal opinion la. Anyway…kita tgk results show esok….tapi yang pastinya…aku sokong DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!


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