stressed out

just going to be a short post as am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo brain dead at the moment and need some refreshment..currently there’s nothing in the fridge as i forgot to restock my junk foods and my foods..damn hungry..just need to escape my study mode for a moment..damnnnnn i HATE EXAMS!!! i need to shout!! can’t shout here (at my home of course)! people will wake up and throw tantrum on me..I’m burning the midnight oil here!!! I hate this..I just couldn’t care ’bout these exams anymore!! I am sooo stressed out!! So here I am..wasting my time blogging..nothing more to do..arghhh I wish this exams just finish already!! whyyy whyyyy..why must the theory part took out majority of the exams marks..duhh kata nak kurangkan exam oriented style..yet its sooo exam tired..huuhuhu

Anyhow, today 10th of July 2008 has been marked as my wonderful day..Its my 2nd year anniversary with my sweetheart Annuar Muhren..after a long wait for u, and finally ur mine..mine all alone..mwahahahah (evilll laugh)..hehee..taklah..Happy Anniversary bebear!


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  1. Posted by CupCake on July 10, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Happy Anniversary to BOTH! Lets share the love to the world peooplleee!!! =)

    ahah xley blah sama plak nombor bulat bulat 10 but len bulan len tahun. eheh kalo x leh wat planning2..huahauhauha (gelak jahat)

    nways, may you guys live happily ever after cam cite cite mobie!!!! nak kawen wat kueh jempot jempot tok kiteorg!!! =O


  2. happy annivaersary, dear. evil laugh.? reeooowww.!!


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