Aku pulak yang kena TAG

1. Where is the person u want most?
2. Where will u be 2 hours from now?
Kemungkinan besar di rumah…malas nak keje da…nak balik! 😛
3. Does your ex miss you?
Dunno and don’t give a damn.
4. Does anyone love u?
Uh huh
5. Can u make yourself sneeze now?
Gilo ko apo?!
6. What are u doing tomorrow?
Morning ada pertemuan ngn supplier dari Singapore untuk Usability Lab. Dia nak wat Demo Eye Tracker. Tengahari kena anta parents g airport coz diorg nak fly g Jakarta. Malam lepak kat umah.
7. Are u easily confused?
8. Where were u at 9am this morning?
Just left my house to UKM.
9. Everything happens for a reason?
Yes, but I also believe things happen because of karma. When you do bad, bad things happen to u. When you do good, good things comes to u.
10. What does your last text message read?from whom?
KC gtau Atiq da tag aku dalam blog.
11. When is the last time u saw number 1 on your top friends?
12. What are u listening to right now and why?
14. How has the weekend been?
Tiring on Saturday coz tolong Atiq and KC pindah umah. Sunday was nice coz I got my new CAMERA!!!
15. Is there something u wish you could tell someone but can’t?
I think so.
16. Do u sleep with the TV on?
No….waste electricity and noisy.
17. Do u still have pictures of u & your ex?
18. What was the last thing u put in your mouth?
19. Would u hug your ex again?
F@*K NO!
20. How’s your heart lately?
My heart?  In what sense?  Physically or emotionally?  Physically it’s healthy, emotionally it’s been very satisfied with how things have been working out lately, happy with life.
21. Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?
22. What are your initials?
T L N.
23. What was the last movie u watched?
I watched Blind Dating on DVD last night.
24. Something that u want to buy?
Lemme see…I already bought my laptop, bought my camera…what else that I want to buy…oh yeah…I have to buy some snow shoes, a big luggage bag, winter clothings…..
25. Have u ever vandalized someone’s private property?
I think I have….when I was young.  hehe….
26. What was the last thing u paid for with cash?
27. Do u know any twins?
YES. My beloved twinnies…Charmaine and Denise.
28. Do u smile at strangers?
Yes…if they smile at first.
29. What kind of clothes do u buy?
Those that suit my taste.
30. Are you easy to lie to, or u have a hard time believing people?
Not sure whether I’m easy to lie to or not.  About believing people…well, I try to see the best in people but believing them takes time depending whether on their first impression, they did it right or not.


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