Nak try tag menge-tag

1. Where is the person u want most?
kota bharu
2. Where will u be 2 hours from now?
xde kemana. dok bersila kat meja ni jugak
3. Does your ex miss you?
4. Does anyone love u?
5. Can u make yourself sneeze now?
6. What are u doing tomorrow?
koje ler
7. Are u easily confused?
8. Where were u at 9am this morning?
kat meja opis
9. Everything happens for a reason?
10. What does your last text message read?from whom?
errr… skip boleh?
11. When is the last time u saw number 1 on your top friends?
xde kot
12. What are u listening to right now and why?
little sparrow. sb dah sampai turn utk dia play.
14. How has the weekend been?
penat gila.
15. Is there something u wish you could tell someone but can’t?
berjuta juta lemon.
16. Do u sleep with the TV on?
17. Do u still have pictures of u & your ex?
ada. gambar ngan azraai kat mrmpc
18. What was the last thing u put in your mouth?
air oxygen tay
19. Would u hug your ex again?
mesti lah tak!
20. How’s your heart lately?
21. Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?
lagi teruk dari tu
22. What are your initials?
23. What was the last movie u watched?
24. Something that u want to buy?
set bilik tdo
25. Have u ever vandalized someone’s private property?
26. What was the last thing u paid for with cash?
makanan buka pose semalam
27. Do u know any twins?
yerp. sepupu sepapat aku.
28. Do u smile at strangers?
tgk keadaan
29. What kind of clothes do u buy?
xpayah iron@ sng nak iron
30. Are you easy to lie to, or u have a hard time believing people?
xsng nak nipu & sng x caye kat org.
Aku nak tag atiq (sb dia mintak. hehe..)

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