Saya Telah Di-Tag =)

1. Where is the person u want most?
2. Where will u be 2 hours from now?
lekat kat meja opis depan notebook.
3. Does your ex miss you?
yes!!!!Die cakap last week. LOL =O
4. Does anyone love u?
5. Can u make yourself sneeze now?
Kenot la..nanti saket hidong.
6. What are u doing tomorrow?
Keja keja dan kejala lagi (aiseh minggu nieh smgt nak raya mana ada feel nak keja!)
7. Are u easily confused?
8. Where were u at 9am this morning?
Selamat tiba di OPIS
9. Everything happens for a reason?
10. What does your last text message read?from whom?
Kia  cakap die dah sampai opis. tanya saya di mana =)
11. When is the last time u saw number 1 on your top friends?
Ari ahad yg lepas.
12. What are u listening to right now and why?
Suasana Hari Raya – ellina & Anuar zain. I dah mood raya oh-ke!
14. How has the weekend been?
Penat gileerrr….
15. Is there something u wish you could tell someone but can’t?
16. Do u sleep with the TV on?
Xley lgsg mesti tydow dgn aman dalam keadaan sunyi sepi
17. Do u still have pictures of u & your ex?
18. What was the last thing u put in your mouth?
Maggie MEE perisa AYAM
19. Would u hug your ex again?
20. How’s your heart lately?
Dup dap dup dap..
21. Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?
22. What are your initials?
23. What was the last movie u watched?
Babylon AD dgn adek kesayangan. CITA XBESH!!!!
24. Something that u want to buy?
Barang2 kaler pink and merah leh bwk masok bilek kaler pink!
25. Have u ever vandalized someone’s private property?
Enggak.Salah itu!
26. What was the last thing u paid for with cash?
Tiket Bus Rapid P KEJA.
27. Do u know any twins?
YES. Uncle adek momy
28. Do u smile at strangers?
Tgk org tuh.kalo hensem chomey senyum.kalo poyo wat bodo! ahahaha
29. What kind of clothes do u buy?
Macam macam ada.janji leh tutup badan. =)
30. Are you easy to lie to, or u have a hard time believing people?
Bergantung pada keadaan semasa. P paling bencik dgn org ckp XSERUPA BIKIN!

Aku dengan ini ingin mentag TAY cuz tadi die tanye apa itu tag!!! =)


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