Tay! akue bz buat teaching aid lorr..keji!

1. Where is the person u want most?

at his home
2. Where will u be 2 hours from now?
sleeping dengan bersungguh-sungguh
3. Does your ex miss you?
I’ll go with the same answer from Tay..Dunno and don’t give a damn.
4. Does anyone love u?
I think a lot..hahah
5. Can u make yourself sneeze now?
Hell no! My eyes would pop out..gila
6. What are u doing tomorrow?
let see..Wednesday routine..teaching Moral class which will include scolding some naughty students of mine..sighs..
7. Are u easily confused?
8. Where were u at 9am this morning?
At school conducting math diagnostic test for lazy ass students that think of nothing but boys n money..seriously! gatal nk mampos..
9. Everything happens for a reason?
Yes, ang come to think of it what comes around goes around..
10. What does your last text message read?from whom?
aku dah punch kad tok ko..from my friend..got nasty stomach ache this morning thus i was late for school..hahah
11. When is the last time u saw number 1 on your top friends?
what does that mean..see I’m easily confused
12. What are u listening to right now and why?
Mr gula hati..nak dating esok! yayyyy 😀
14. How has the weekend been?
Boring…was too tired to do anything..went home to my granny’s house and gone berserk at my naughty cousins..padan muka korang akue naik sheikh!
15. Is there something u wish you could tell someone but can’t?
16. Do u sleep with the TV on?
Nope..I need my bed but I do leave my comp on..(IT teacher la katakan!)
17. Do u still have pictures of u & your ex?
Eeeew no! That’s sooo in the past
18. What was the last thing u put in your mouth?
Soy milk..I got stomach ache pain pain..
19. Would u hug your ex again?
same here tay! F@*K NO!
20. How’s your heart lately?
My heart..hurmm emotionally ahhh so on top of the world..hehehe.. physically, its tired from the work loads and the stress..there’s research done on teacher’s life span..teacher’s tend to die early! gosh..reaally need to be TNC asap..haha
21. Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?
Definately a yes yes
22. What are your initials?
N. A. B.
23. What was the last movie u watched?
hurmm..can’t remember
24. Something that u want to buy?
hurm..not really..nothing in particular..got almst everything quite satisfied with my life right now..
25. Have u ever vandalized someone’s private property?
Nope..I’m as sweet as an angel..hehehe
26. What was the last thing u paid for with cash?
A pair of new vincci wedge shoes
27. Do u know any twins?
YES. My neighbour..my 2 pupu (my cousin’s cousin) 2 twins in fact..
28. Do u smile at strangers?
Yup..senyum itu sedekah..
29. What kind of clothes do u buy?
Cute and colourful ones
30. Are you easy to lie to, or u have a hard time believing people?
Not really..but I know someone who can do that easily to me in a very convincing way..that conniving girl! heheh but in a good way i mean.. yurp I do have a hard time believingin people..but I’m good at judging people..heheh

sapa nak jadi mangsa tag akue eh??? tag Tay balik!..ieja dah tak aktif..fyza diam ja..tag Bebear ikut ckp tay..huhuh


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by taylineo on September 24, 2008 at 12:22 am

    WEI! Mana bole tag aku balik???!!! Apa da!!!

    Tag la En. Beruang ko…suruh dia tulis kat blog dia….TUKAR TUKAR!!!


  2. ala tay aku tade blog lah, ala cincai la tay tag kau balik. hehehe, 🙂


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