Apa nak jadi ngan cikgu english sekarang ni….?

Since ada komen x update blog….so aku update la blog ni. Kesian blog ni….used to be so hyper. Sekarang ni, xde org pedulik.

Today aku nk blog pasal cikgu english. Tadi, mak aku crita kat aku, student tuition dia tunjuk kat dia homework english yg dia bwk dari skola and cikgu dia da mark. Ada ke patut cikgu tue correct ayat student tue “I am in home”.  Oh my god….tell me…what is wrong with this sentence???!  It’s supposed to be “I am AT home”! So when my mum ckp ngn mak dia, mak dia ckp la ngn cikgu english tue and the teacher insisted that it was correct.  What the TOOOOOOOT!!!!  This teacher is teaching in a Chinese school.

Aduhai…..cmne budak2 ni nk pandai english when their own teachers are teaching them wrongly.  Pas2 the government kata the english standard amongst the youth is deteriorating.  Memang la deteriorating…..!  Ko pi letak cikgu cm2 utk mengajar bebudak….what do you expect????!

Sama cm Pendidikan Jasmani gaks.  Government kata nak bawak balik sukan ke sekolah tapi cikgu PJ tak tau haprak pasal sukan cmne???   Most of the PJ teachers are teaching PJ coz diorg ada period kosong atau subjek PJ xde cikgu lain.  So what do these teachers do during PJ period?  They just ask their kids to go do their own thing.  Come on…is this Pendidikan Jasmani?  Come on la….Pendidikan Jasmani is an important subject in school.  Walaupun xde exam ke apa tapi it teaches the students how to lead a healthy life by practicing sport, eating right and implementing the correct attitude when playing sport.  So, the teachers who teach this subject have to know these stuff and therefore have to be qualified.

The bottom line is that the government should pay more attention to the so-called-teachers that they put in schools for subjects.  Make sure that the teachers are well versed in their subject as to not teach the wrong thing.


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