Namakan Maskot 1st Youth Olympic Games

The 1st Youth Olympic Games (YOG – akan diadakan di Singapore next year pada Ogos 14-26. Since nama dia pon da Youth Olympic Games, it’ll will feature athletes dari seluruh dunia dari umur 14-18 tahun.

Apa yang beza pasal YOG ni daripada Olympic Games biasa selain daripada athlete dia yang muda is that it will also include educational programs dengan objektif utama untuk memahami Olympic Values dan mcmana ia boleh dipraktikkan dalam kehidupan seharian (

So anyway, apa yang aku nak smpikan kat korang ialah, sekarang ni YOG tengah carik nama untuk maskot diorg. Ada 2 maskot, seekor lion dan seekor merlion. Nie description diorg :-

The Lion
The lion cub has a mane that’s as fiery as his passion for life. A bundle of boundless energy, he is always on the go, learning new things and playing sports. Football is his passion.

Having lived in a concrete jungle all his life, he is no stranger to people. The lion loves making friends from all over the world and learning about their different cultures. The lion wants to inspire youth to keep fit and enjoy sports for life.

Quick Facts
Star Sign:
To win an Olympic gold medal with the Young Lions
Personal Motto:
“Never say never”
Favourite Food:
Chilli Crabs/Chicken Rice with lots of chilli!
Jamming on his guitar, learning new things and playing football

Legend has it that a prince spotted a lion on an island a long, long time ago. He decided to call that island ‘Singapura’, which means ‘Lion City’. Today, that island is known as ‘Singapore’ and the lion has become synonymous with Singapore’s national identity.

The Merlion
Our second mascot is a merlion cub who loves exploring the waters around and beyond Singapore. Although merlions are omnivorous by nature, she sticks to a vegetarian diet out of a deep respect for all living things.

The merlion is friendly and a great listener – when she makes a friend, she is a friend for life! Always ready to lend her support to worthy causes, she is especially passionate about environmental issues. The merlion believes that everyone has a part to play in working towards a sustainable future and is determined to spread the message. Her dream is to become a scientist so that she can find more ways to protect Mother Nature.

Quick Facts
Star Sign:
To become an environmental scientist.
Personal Motto:
“You can achieve anything if you set your heart to it!”
Favourite Food:
Ice Kachang (a Singaporean dessert of shaved ice drenched in colourful syrup)
Singing, swimming, and collecting seashells

The merlion is a mythical sea creature that is part lion and part fish. It is inspired by local folklore and Singapore’s fishing village origins.

So kalau ada yang berminat untuk masuk pertandingan ni although I don’t know what is the hadiah, boleh lah layari


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