Lepas dok kat Switzerland untuk 7 bulan, I realized even more and appreciate even more my country. I LOVE MALAYSIA!!!! And I’m so so so thankful that I’m a Malaysian and not a SWISS!!!!

Kat Switzerland…semuanya mahal terutamanya makanan!! Dahlah makanan dia x sedap!!!! Pastue….kena byr plak insurans yang mahal gaks! The reason for me writing this today pon disebabkan oleh insurance ni.

Kat Malaysia, mana ada insurans kena wajib utk ada kan. Tapi kat Swiss….wajib kena ada. And aku pon terpaksala beli insurans so that I get my residence permit. Insurance yg aku beli tue, nama dia Swiss Care and dia charge setiap 3 bulan. Aku byr la untuk the first 3 months starting from February kot. Then the 2nd 3 months I was there, kuasa aku nak bayar! Jimat duit babe! Lagipun, I don’t see the point of paying. Org Swiss ni tahu nk kikis duit org je. Tue je diorg pandai.

Anyway, Swiss Care ni continue gak anta invoice kat aku suh aku bayar. Tadi baru member aku kat situ gtau yg invois latest da smpi. Dia suh aku bayar takut aku diblacklist masuk Swiss. I know she’s concern about me but seriously….I DON’T GIVE A SHIT kalau Switzerland blacklist aku…janji….aku x dibuang negara aku.

Selain daripada kemudahan awam dia yang perfect timing and kebersihan negara Switzerland ni….aku x nmpk apa yang lebih hebatnya daripada Malaysia. Memanglah the Olympic Capital of the world is Lausanne and I’m an avid advocate of the Olympic Movement but…..nothing beats the place where I was born and raised and I will always be true to my country.

I’ve to admit, initially I wanted to stay on to work there but when I reached there…..everything changed. Aku x rasa selesa ngn hidup kat situ. Mungkin aku terlalu dimanjakan ngn kehidupan kat Malaysia tapi ntah….I felt that apa yang aku akan belajar kat situ, my experience, my existing knowledge akan lebih dihargai and will be better utilized in Malaysia coz we lack the sports expertise. Then, towards the end of my stay there, aku try dpt internship kat situ tapi hampeh x dpt and I came back and I’m so relieved to be back.

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy my stay in Switzerland. I appreciated the experience very much coz it gave me the networking (kabel-kabel di fraternity sukan yang kuat), the knowledge from my lectures and the friends/colleagues that I shared fond memories together.

Friendship forged in Lausanne '09

Friendship forged in Lausanne '09


2 responses to this post.

  1. I didnt follw the Malay… But I got the feel as to what you wanted to say la……


  2. Posted by taylineo on August 27, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Haha…really? 🙂 Rajan….you are the best. 🙂


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