How bizarre

I visited The Star Online paper a few minutes ago and came upon this video…

I’m wondering….why Indians having a protest rally were arrested and why the Malays doing their protest rally 2 weeks ago were not arrested?  What does this incident tell other Malaysians?  Is this a picture that our Government wants to portray to its society?  Isn’t this playing with fire especially since we are a nation that consists of different races and religions?

If you don’t know what the rally protest was all about, let me brief you on it.  On August 29, there was a protest by Shah Alam Seksyen 23 Malay residents saying that they did not want an Indian temple to be relocated to their area.  Their reason being that, that area is inhibited by 90% Muslims and the Indian temple will disrupt their daily routines.  During this rally, a cow’s head was brought to the front gates of the Setiausaha Kerajaan Selangor building and said to be a gift to Khalid Ibrahim who is the current Menteri Besar Selango because apparently it was his idea to relocate the temple.  So as you know, a cow is a sacred animal to the Indians and I assume that the protesters used it to mock the Indians although they claim that that was not their intentions (what bullshit).

So, that is the reason for the protest  rally by the Indians.

Yesterday, there was a meeting between the residents and the Selangor government and it didn’t go well and the outcome of this unsuccessful  gathering was the relocation of the temple is ON-HOLD.

Another disturbing news that caught my eyes is, according to, a minister is defending the Seksyen 23 protesters.  WTF?!!! In my opinion, if this issue is going to favor the Seksyen 23 protesters than in the future, there will bound to be more of these type of rallies.


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