Uselessness on the board

In a game, every player should be useful to the team.  Those who are not useful or don’t contribute should be remove immediately.  However, there are some players who want to use so much ammo and have alternate intentions that they don’t say the right thing or act as they are suppose to.  This causes the team to cease to function properly.

There are 3 such players…..ASSKAYSEE, JAYLAKHANUT and GEEHEH.

I’m trying not to sound direct but I’m f*@k|N& pissed with them because they are the reason why the GAME is not functioning well.  One of them should already have their obituary in the paper.  The other doesn’t know how to lead the game and is the captain…..*DUMB*… and the last one is a bloated pig without respect for the other players.

Those who understand……understand la k….. 🙂


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    A definite great read….


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